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When the cheap chicken coops simply don't cut it, it is time to upgrade with a beautiful coop, like this one we had the pleasure of building. Raised off the ground to avoid ground rot, with a large access door for convenient cleaning, a separate access to nesting boxes, as well as an automated entry door for your flock. 

While other coops may provide a space for your chicks, they are often rickety structures, with cheap hardware which doesn't stand up to the elements. This coop was built like a miniature house, with sturdy framing, quality siding, a shingle roof, operating windows, & styled wonderfully after a traditional cottage. If you are considering your first flock of chickens to gain a little bit more self-sufficiency, or have decided it is time to upgrade from your entry level coop, give us a call & we'd be happy to provide the upgrade your chicks desire!

Ready to build your dream?

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