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Master Bathroom


After remodeling their kitchen, building a music studio, & a custom sauna, this couple decided it was time to invest in a complete overhaul of their master bathroom. The original layout included a large bathtub, which sat unused, a very dark & pinchy shower, as well as cheap laminate pealing in the corners. Unless your home was custom-built, you may run into similar challenges, & that is exactly why we remodel!

For this project, we took the bathroom down to the studs. After removing all of the old fixtures, rerouting some plumbing, & framing in a 3/4 pony wall, we were ready to start putting this master suite back together. Their material selections came together flawlessly, with large format tile floors, a pebble shower pan, built-in niches, new fixtures, & phenomenal glass work!

Ready to build your dream?

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