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Just Show Up

I will openly admit to listening to many varied motivational speeches, lectures, and interviews from people you may or may not have heard of. While there are seasons where the mood I'm in affects the message I'm looking for, a lot of the time these speeches revolve around the mindset required to succeed. Certainly, there are speakers who are successful from speaking tours rather than as entrepreneurs, and there are definitely corny and over the top messages as well. This doesn't affect the core intention behind listening to them, to intake more useful information.

One of the earliest talks I listened to, as well as subtle similar messages growing up, left an impression which truly formed this habit for me. That message essentially was, "your thoughts are formed from the information you take in, whether intentionally or carelessly". While I can't stop others from sharing pessimistic thoughts, I can intentionally seek out optimistic, motivating, and encouraging messages instead. This came in the form of what I'll deem "audio mentors", including Les Brown, Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, Eric Thomas, and many more.

Throughout high school, college, and even to this day, I will listen to clips from these sorts of individuals. My hope is to maintain a mindset which allows me to overcome the un-ending stream of negative information, and the worldview of those who decide to complain about their situation rather than find a way to improve it. In the mix was a message regarding successful entrepreneurs and one factor that will always add value; "Just show up".

Everybody has bad days. Exhausted, stressed, and looking for a way back to peace. The difference between those who succeed in the long-run and those who remain stagnant, is whether or not you still show up and execute on those bad days. The average mindset is to relax, take time to recover, and come back to your responsibilities when you are in a good space again. On the other hand, the attitude that takes you to the next level is to show up, every day. Good, bad, or otherwise, it doesn't matter. When there are tasks which need completing, be the one that is reliable, and you will win in the end.

While I believe I can speak with some small level of proof about this concept, I am by no means an example yet. I am still on this journey, and I do not have the habitual discipline to still show up and execute on the bad days that I run into myself. Even though I continue to work on this habit, I am grateful this concept is not being introduced to me for the first time, but rather a message I have been listening to on repeat for years. Maybe the message you align with is different, but the point is, you can only produce better thoughts when you absorb better information, so seek out uplifting wisdom from positive influences, and stop allowing the average mindset of others to shape the thoughts you create.


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