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The Automatic Millionaire

The Latte Factor:
  • Recognize that what matters i snot how much you earn but how much you are spending.

  • Decide right now that you can live on a little less and start to save today.

Pay Yourself First:
  • Open a pretax retirement account, decide to PAY YOURSELF FIRST...

    • Dead Broke: Don't pay yourself first.

    • Poor: Think about paying yourself first, but don't do it.

    • Middle Class: Pay yourself first 5-10%

    • Upper Middle Class: Pay yourself first 10-15%

    • Rich: Pay yourself first 15-20%

    • Rich enough to retire early: Pay yourself first at least 20%

Make it Automatic:
  • Sign up for your retirement account at work.

  • Open IRA (Traditional = Tax at withdrawal, Roth = Tax at Deposit)

  • Make contributions AUTOMATICALLY through payroll deduction or automatic investment plan.

Automate for a Rainy Day:
  • Build emergency cushion (Ideally, 3+ months' worth of expenses)

Automatic Debt-Free Homeownership:

  • Pay off your mortgage with biweekly payment plan.

Automatic Debt-Free Lifestyle:
  • Stop carrying credit cards.

  • Renegotiate your interest rates.

  • Devote 1/2 the money you Pay Yourself First to paying off debt.

  • Consolidate your debt or DOLP your credit card accounts.

    • DOLP = Outstanding Balance / Monthly Minimum


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