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Our Process

Whether you are ready to pull the trigger or just considering a future project, Lucid Development is here to provide clarity and confidence by simplifying the process we use on every project.


Site Visit

We will schedule a walk-through to meet in person, discuss your vision, & specify the scope of work. Within 24-48hrs of our meeting, you will receive a concise email outlining the  potential project timeline, bracketed price range, & considerations for next steps, all free of charge.


Detailed Proposal

When you are prepared to proceed, we will begin scheduling walk-throughs with vendors. These vendors are experts in their trade, & their bids are used to formulate our proposal, outlining what is included & excluded, along with our spec sheet. This ensures we partner with professional vendors while providing you the security of a fixed-price contract.


Review + Remodel

We will sit down to review the detailed proposal with you, addressing any concerns & clarifying specifications. When you're ready to partner with Lucid for your project, we will sign a Fixed-Price Contract. At this point, we begin sourcing materials & scheduling vendors to begin your project!

Ready to build your dream?

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