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Do I Need a General Contractor?

When you are considering a remodel, you're likely going through the steps of finding examples of spaces you like on Pinterest, Instagram, Google, etc., then researching potential costs of your project, and now you're ready to start reaching out to the professionals. Sometimes your project needs a contractor, sometimes it doesn't and I'm going to explain some considerations for your next project.

First, I'll explain some differences you may find from company to company as you begin researching:

  1. Specialty Trades - Specializing in their craft & hiring employees to perform just this trade (Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, etc.)

  2. Builders - Ranging in size, these businesses typically employ a team of talented tradesmen who can perform most, if not all of the trades required to build a home (ie. Framing to Trim).

  3. Design Build - These companies add additional value by completing both the design & construction of your project under one roof, removing the need to consult with architects and engineers separately prior to handing plans over to your contractor.

  4. General Contractors - Think of a General Contractor like the project manager. They coordinate the needs of homeowners with all subcontractors, vendors, & others as required to produce a beautiful project.

While in your search for the right construction professional, you may begin to wonder if you actually need a General Contractor or if you can get away with taking on the project yourself to avoid their cost. How hard could it be, right?

My business, Lucid Development, is set up to perform the roles of a general contractor. I am the project manager hiring the framers, drywall, painters, flooring, plumbers, electricians, etc. and coordinating their talents to produce a beautiful project. However, even as a GC, I would be the first to tell you there are projects which simply do not need a company like mine to perform. My goal as a business is to provide incredible, honest service, with a passion for craftsmanship, worth every dollar you decide to invest into your next project.

If you are considering a small project, which only requires a drywall repair & fresh coat of paint, I will tell you that it may be worth your savings to simply hire a drywall & painting company directly, rather than hiring me to oversee them. Even if you decided to remodel your entire kitchen, which involves demo, framing, utilities, drywall, paint, flooring, trim, etc., I would still lay out the option of you managing this project yourself.

You don't need to be a career construction professional to become a talented General Contractor, and it is absolutely possible for a homeowner to self-manage their project efficiently without headaches from start to finish with the right sub-contractors. My role as a GC is to step into your life & take all of the unknown, time-consuming elements of a remodel off your plate, allowing you to connect directly with me from start to finish without needing to juggle all the vendors.

If you have the vision, & want to communicate that vision to one professional, who can then bring that into fruition, hiring a General Contractor like Lucid Development may be just the partnership you desire!


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